Pineapple FAQ

Are pineapples from Hawaii?

No! Pineapples are believed to have originated in the Amazon along with coca plants and cacao trees, the source of chocolate. 

Do pineapples grow on trees? 

No!  They grow out of plants.

How many ways are there to grow pineapples?

There are FOUR ways to grow pineapples:

  • From a crown - it takes 2 years for a plant to reach maturity and another six months for a flower to mature and have the flower buds fuse into a mature pineapple 
  • From a seed
  • From a sucker - suckers are little plantlets that grow between the leaves of a mature pineapple
  • From a slip - slips are plantlets that grow at the base of the fruit

Can you grow pineapples year-round outside in Texas?

No, pineapples will die in a frost so you have to bring them inside when it is near freazing. 

Do pineapple plants produce more than one fruit? 

No, pineapple plants only flower once and produce one pineapple. 

What type of plants are pineapples?

Pineapples are a member of the Bromeliaceae family, a group of monocot flowering plants that include 51 genera and around 3,475 known species.  

  • Kingdom: Plantae
    • Phylum: Angiosperms
      • Class: Monocots
        • Order: Poales
          • Family: Bromeliaceae
            • SubFamily: Bromelioideae
              • Genus: Ananas
                • Species: comosus

Are pineapples the most consumed tropical fruit?

No! They are in second place, behind the banana.