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Pepe le Piña

Last Seen: Biking around SXSW on a pineapple themed bike

Appearance: Unknown, likes to blend in on the east side and downtown.          

Known to change sunglasses and facial hair. 

Behavior: Responds to free beer, especially Lone Star, and people who offer to take selfies with him.  He runs at any mention of Tacos Al Pastor. 

  • Chief Pineapple
Columbus, Pineapple Wine & Pineapple Swipe -

Columbus, Pineapple Wine & Pineapple Swipe - "It will, 'swipe your head off'."

After Columbus "discovered" the pineapple, he quickly realized that the natives seemed to prefer it as a drink.  Columbus was struck by the ubiquity of these drinks which he referred to as 'wine', recording in his journal,

They make another wine out of a fruit which was found in the island of Guadeloupe, like a great pine cone.  This plant is sown in extensive fields from the sprout which grows at the top of that very pine cone ... the plant lasts three or four years continually bearing fruit.  

  • Chief Pineapple
Rosé Pineapples!! Coming Soon!

Rosé Pineapples!! Coming Soon!

Nicknamed the Rosé, Del Monte has been developing a genetically modified pineapple with pink flesh since 2005!

The project finally came to fruition in December 2016 when the FDA approved the creation to be publicly sold. This new strand of pineapple is engineered to have high levels of LYCOPENE, which gives the fruit its pink color and a boost of antioxidants.

  • Chief Pineapple
Fun Pineapple Facts

Fun Pineapple Facts

Pineapples are:
  • Not a single fruit but are composed of upwards of a hundred individual berries
  • Thought to have originated in the Amazon.  They are not from Hawaii!
  • Drought resistant
  • Have very little root structure compared to their above ground vegetation
  • Bromeliads - in the family Bromeliaceae
  • The second most consumed tropical fruit in the modern world behind the banana 
  • Can be cultivated via planting crowns, sips, slips or seeds

A wealthy Dutch horticulturalist named Agnes Block is credited with being the first to bring a pineapple to fruit in Europe in about 1687 on her estate in Vijverhof.  

  • Chief Pineapple